Friday, October 24, 2014

A Fairy Tale

     Once upon a time there was a College Student. It was Fall time, and since this was her favorite season, she was very happy. Until the day that the storms came. For an entire week the sun did not come out and the rain poured relentlessly down on her; and since she did not own an umbrella, she spent a very soggy and miserable week. All during this time, she kept wishing that she had waterproofed her pretty ankle boots, but she had not got around to it yet, and was forced to wear her waterproofed white sneakers most of the time. Then, at the end of this week, the sun came out again. It was warm and beautiful, and in celebration, she had to wear a summer frock. Of course, it was still quite chilly outside, so she paired her sundress with a maroon sweater. After a week of sneakers, it was beautiful to wear her maroon heals as well.

      Around this same time, the College Student was very much in need of a new school bag. The bag she had been using was simply not practical. She wanted a pretty leather bag that wasn't too big or to floppy. With this in mind, she went to the thrift store on one of these rainy days, and was thrilled to discover a bag that perfectly matched her description and, since it was only $6, she couldn't pass it up. Some things are meant to be. And it was on this sunshiny day that she was finally able to use her new bag; and everyone was much happier in the end.

Friday, October 10, 2014

A Splash of Red

      Dark, dreary days call for a pop of color, especially red. There is nothing better than a chilly Fall day in a bright red trench coat.

      I have watched "Breakfast at Tiffany's" several times this semester already, as well as "My Fair Lady". Audrey Hepburn is simply the epitome of elegance. She always inspires me with her simple style that turned heads wherever she went. This day, I decided to wear a simple shirt-dress (which I found at JCPenny's) tied with a black sash, as well as nude heels, a string of pearls, and the red trench coat. I am not a fan of fussy clothing. The clothes that make me happiest are always the tailored, simple pieces without too many frills. I  never want my clothes to wear me, and I have admittedly messed up in this regard on a few occasions. I think that everyone has worn an outfit that turns out to be just too much and regretted it; but style is all about taking chances and discovering what works for you. I love looking to the style icons of the past and trying to decipher what it was that made them special. I don't want to copy anybody, but I do want to be inspired. As you may remember, I had a Marilyn Monroe Summer, and I have learned a lot from reading about her life and studying her style. I think I'll make this an Audrey Hepburn Semester; who knows what the Spring will bring!

     Rehearsal's are becoming intense now. We'll be performing "Pygmalion" the second and third week of November, which is coming very quickly now. I am trying to get my lines memorized, but mostly I am still trying to find Mrs. Higgins' character. Anyway, I know that all will turn out well. Life is rather busy, but it is turning out to be such a wonderful semester! Of course it has its ups and downs, but overall I know that I will fondly remember it. Last Fall I was just trying to get my bearings, but now I know that I belong. I have a wonderful family of friends here, and though it will never replace home, I am so glad to have this college experience. 

     I want to focus on taking the good with the bad, and never neglect what is important. College is a juggling act, and I hope I never drop anything precious. 

Lots of love!